The Holographic Experience from XPION not only sets new standards for unique, vibrant presentations, but also increases the experience value of your brand. The dynamic blending of digital content with real objects and people is a radical departure from customary visual structures and creates inspirational elements of surprise.

Famous personalities appear as life-size holograms, or futuristic holographic chart animations can be used to support speakers at exhibitions, promotional events and roadshows. Create amazing effects by enabling holographic content to interact with real speakers, artists or members of the audience, and use existing photo and video material for your Holographic Experience.

XPION produces holographic experiences in various formats and adapts the production surface size to your requirements.

HOLOSLIDE uses a special app as an iPad accessory, which allows films and photos to appear as objects with a holographic effect.

HOLORIZON creates the impression that products and brands have come to life on a vivid, brilliant display in wide-screen format.

Our agency’s HOLOPRESENCE solutions make video conferences interactive and take them into the third dimension. People appear as three-dimensional full-size projections that can interact both with other participants and with 2D and 3D objects apparently suspended in mid-air.

Activation, involvement and motivation – three elements that ensure your brand will leave an unforgettable and lasting impression with Holographic Experience.

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