Continental Experience Exhibit

“Conti Safety Experience”: Continental tires are synonymous with outstanding braking performance. An experience exhibit with a twofold aim was designed in order to bring home this brand message to visitors convincingly. The first aim was to allow Continental to be experienced as a modern brand with a high level of competence, and the second to provide a strong element of fun. A playful experience was used as a simple yet emotional means of communicating Continental topics and attracting visitors’ attention. The exhibit demonstrated the quality and safety of the tires by simulating braking in various driving situations.

Visitors sat in a seat designed to look like a giant tire and drove along a virtual course with various concealed hazards, such as a child’s ball rolling suddenly into the path of the car, or a tram emerging unexpectedly from a side street etc. Different road surfaces and variable weather conditions such as rain, snow, or wet leaves ensured constantly changing driving and braking conditions. For the visiting “driver“, the entire exhibit became a living experience that could be seen as well as felt.