HanseMerkur Versicherungen at Exhibitions

“Living Transparency” – at the exhibition design relaunch, the company presented itself as bright, modern and completely digitized. The concept developed, which is fully attuned to the declared aims of openness and transparency, invites visors to engage in a dialog. The combined impression of this blend of fluid forms with natural and artificial materials is one of modernity, sustainability and general wellbeing. The influence of nature motifs lends additional weight to the aspects of sustainability and stability. Videos shown on large screens serve as lively depictions of brand and product messages. The individual screens are arranged in clusters and show full-screen images, turning the HanseMerkur exhibition booth into a multi-media, multi-functional experience.

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Planning
  • Exhibition Booth at ITB
  • HanseMerkur Brand Space
  • Media Concept