Hyundai European Dealer Conference

1,200 distributors and dealers from all over Europa experienced new brand milestones during the European Dealer Quality Tour the Czech Republic. Inspired by the brand campaign “True Quality Matters”, the plenary session, exhibition, gala evening, factory tour and test drives were all specially staged. The intention was to ensure that the quality image of the Hyundai brand was a recurring theme that could be experienced in all event modules. The staging and presentation reflected the aspects quality of life, brand quality and product quality.

High quality design went hand in glove with meaningful content, while precise logistics was paired with obliging hospitality. Impressive media staging ensured that the entire content of the program, from speaker presentations to facilitator compering or even artistic performances, was presented in a condensed form to produce an all-round dramatic experience of the highest quality. The high quality standard of the event was further underlined by premium hotels and locations in combination with seamless, trouble-free management of participants and transfers.

  • Arrival
  • Factory Tour
  • Test Drive
  • Plenary Session
  • Gala Evening
  • Motivation