KIA Showroom-Identity

The new European Showroom Identity emphasized the attributes of the brand from the idea to its implementation. Experience architecture with an interior and exterior that created an impression of freshness was used to raise general brand awareness in the consciousness of dealers and consumers, and to promote the brand image. This was achieved on the one hand with islands of discovery, light colors and clear-cut forms, and on the other with an impressive, distinctive media concept. On the interior, the design comprised the presentation of vehicles, their equipment and spare parts, as well as advisory zones and workstations.

The new Showroom Identity was implemented in Berlin and Frankfurt am Main. These dealerships served as model showrooms which were used as advisory centers for KIA dealers who wish to fit out their businesses in line with forward-looking brand and sales aspects.

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Vehicle Presentation
  • Color Variants
  • Youthful Look & Feel
  • Exterior